Nate Moss

This blog is where I post my thoughts, ideas, and research. There are 3 categories of content here, although you may find some overlap: technology, theology, and photography.

Raised in the ministry as a pastor’s son, I am passionate about theology and helping the church at large. My faith is what grounds everything that I do and is at the core of my passion.

I have a career in technology as a Systems Engineer for Eberly Systems, with a history working in technology for over 10 years. Empowering other people to do what they love by the effective implementation of technology is the passion of my career.

Since I first picked up my Canon 35mm film camera as a teenager, my love for making photographs has never waned. There have been plateaus, and many lessons learned, but in recent years I have found that photography makes a powerful metaphor for life, for technology, and for theology, and provides an incredibly deep way of seeing the world.

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Here, I will share my thoughts about life, my philosophy, what drives me, and some of the successes and failures that have made me who I am today.

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Big ideas around Technology, Theology, and Photography.


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